Derek Flyn

Derek Flyn is a crofting law consultant at Inksters.

Derek is one of the best known and most highly respected crofting law experts in Scotland. He co-wrote the first book on crofting law in 1990 and is currently writing a new up-to-date book on crofting law with Keith Graham.

In recent years Derek was the Chair of the Scottish Crofting Federation and continues to be their Parliamentary Spokesman.

Derek, together with Keith Graham, produced the Crofting Law Sump Report which highlighted to the Scottish Government in 2014 all of the problem issues requiring to be addressed in crofting law. This is likely to lead to new crofting law legislation during the term of the new Scottish Government.

Derek lives in Beauly and has strong connections with the Isle of Skye where his wife comes from and where he once worked.

Derek assists the crofting law practitioners at Inksters and provides them with specialist advice on complex crofting law matters.

For assistance in any matter concerning crofting law you should, in the first instance, contact one of the Crofting Law Team:-

Brian Inkster

Martin Minton

Angus Mackay

Evonne Morrison

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