Inksters are members of the Glasgow Solicitors Property Centre ('GSPC').

GSPC advertises homes for sale through solicitors in west central Scotland. They are the single largest property marketing network in the area by far with 200+ member firms.

Membership gives Inksters the ability to provide home sellers with:-

  • A valuation by a GSPC valuer instructed by Inksters.
  • Premium quality, professionally printed, full colour brochures.
  • Advertising in the weekly GSPC Property Guide.
  • Advertising on the GSPC website.
  • Advertising on the Scottish Solicitors Property Centre (SSPC) website.
  • A display in the GSPC showroom in Queen Street.
  • A listing on the GSPC’s computerised property matching service.
  • Estate Agency calls taken outside normal business hours so that schedules can be issued and viewings arranged until 9pm weekdays and from 10am to 4pm at weekends.

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