First came Crown Court, Rumpole of the Bailey, LA Law, This Life, Ally McBeal and Boston Law.

Now you can switch on Inksters TV. 

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  • Telegraph Business Club
    Secrets of Success

    The film on Inksters made by the Telegraph Business Club as a Masterclass for their 'Secrets of Success' series.

  • Home Reports
    The Home Report

    Webcast: The changes in marketing your home for sale from 1 December 2008 are explained by Brian Inkster to Jane Young of Kanbee.

  • Crofting Law: Wind Farming
    Wind Farming on Croft Land

    Webcast: Information from Brian Inkster on Schemes for Development as introduced by the Crofting Reform etc. Act 2007.

  • Moncrieff -v- Jamieson
    Moncrieff -v- Jamieson

    Webcast: Brian Inkster provides the background to the case and details the decisions in the Sheriff Court and the Court of Session. Initial reactions of the Q.C., Edinburgh Agent and Client are then captured at the House of Lords.

  • New Websites
    Inksters New Websites

    Webcast: Brian Inkster gives details about Inksters three new websites (, and to Jane Young of Kanbee.