Glasgow Film Theatre

GFT logoSeat I193 in the Glasgow Film Theatre is sponsored by Inksters.

Opening in May 1939, the Cosmo cinema was the first purpose-built 'art-house' cinema to open outside of London. Designed as the flagship for the Singleton chain.

The cinema was advertised under the slogan 'Entertainment for the Discriminating', with the cartoon character of the bowler-hatted Mr Cosmo a familiar sight in newpaper advertisments of the time.

In 1973, the Cosmo was bought by the Scottish Film Council, who undertook major structural alterations. Renamed the Glasgow Film Theatre or, as it is better known, the GFT the building reopened to the public in May 1974.  In 1986 the GFT became independant of the SFC and, in 1988, the building was B-listed by Historic Scotland.

The GFT is without doubt the most pleasant place in Glasgow to see a film on the big screen.

Inksters' sponsorship of the GFT marks the year that Inksters TV was created.   Inksters are honoured to have the privilege of sponsoring the last available seat in row 'I' of Cinema 1 and being associated with the GFT.

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