Inksters Digital Christmas Hats

17 December 2020

For the past 10 years Inksters have sent their clients and contacts Christmas Hats every year.

There is a different colour each year and a different theme to the competition they run for the best hat pictures posted on social media. It has become something of a Christmas tradition with people wondering when their hat will arrive and what colour it might be each year.

However, this year Inksters Christmas Hats have gone digital.

Brian Inkster, CEO of Inksters, explained:-

“it became clear that posting out paper hats in 2020 was not going to be so easy with our staff working from home and many recipients not working at the office addresses we had for them.

The Scottish Government told us in October to plan for a ‘digital Christmas’. At Inksters we took that advice and this year our Christmas Hats are digital!”

Thus you don't need to wait for the postman or your return to the office and you can even have the choice of six colours.

You can get your Christmas Hat on at

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