Inksters News 2010

Inksters News from 2010:-

  • Inksters' 2010 Roundup
    Inksters' 2010 Roundup

    31 December 2010: On the last day of 2010 we look back and reflect on the past year at Inksters. Again it has been an eventful one.

  • Muttley Dastardly LLP
    Muttley Dastardly LLP

    24 December 2010: Inksters have been sponsoring Charon QC's excellent series on Muttley Dastardly LLP: Perhaps the nemesis of Inksters.

  • Merry Christmas
    Christmas Holidays 2010

    23 December 2010: Inksters will be closed for the Christmas and New Year Holiday period from 1pm today, Thursday 23 December 2010, until 9am on Wednesday 5 January 2011.

  • Private Client Adviser
    Private Client Adviser - Do You Twitter?

    18 December 2010: The inaugural (November 2010) issue of Private Client Adviser asked the question "Do You Twitter?". Answering this question were three solicitors including Brian Inkster.

  • The Scotsman
    Crofting Law Group seek new members

    15 December 2010: Brian Inkster attended the Crofting Law Group AGM at The Scotsman Hotel in Edinburgh on 3 December 2010 in his capacity as Hon Secretary of the Group.

  • CaseCheck Crofting Law Experts
    CaseCheck Crofting Law Experts

    24 November 2010: Inksters are providing expert comments on crofting law cases for CaseCheck: an extensive online resource of court cases and case law.

  • Louisefk Twitter user picture
    Tips for Law Students

    1 November 2010: Inksters’ trainee solicitor Louise King featured as a guest blogger on the blog of Michelle Hynes-Mcilroy this week, providing advice for today's Diploma students in finding and succeeding in their traineeship.

  • Happy Halloween
    Happy Halloween at the Office

    31 October 2010: Inksters celebrated Halloween with drinks and chocolate ghost, pumpkin and skeleton lollies. Thankfully Inksters staff refrained from playing pranks in the office as Rob and Chad do in this video...

  • Royal Faculty of Procurators in Glasgow
    Inksters staff attend October seminars

    29 October 2010: Kathleen Simmonds and Louise King have been attending seminars at The Royal Faculty of Procurators in Glasgow throughout October. These seminars covered recent developments in the law.

  • Kathleen Simmonds
    Kathleen Simmonds – Solicitor and Notary Public

    22 October 2010: September saw Kathleen Simmonds join Inksters as a qualified Solicitor and Notary Public.

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