Ugli Mediation recommendation

17 May 2010

Ugli Mediation (listing)Inksters are the recommended Scottish law firm of ‘Ugli Mediation’, a new mediation service launched in Edinburgh today.

Ugli Mediation offers a very different approach to family mediation, mediating on all issues relating to divorce, separation, financial matters and children. Traditionally, mediation would involve a separating couple sitting down in a room with a third party and attempting to reach agreement. This meant that the process was not suitable for couples who lived some distance apart, who no longer lived in the UK, or who simply did not wish to be in a room together. Ugli Mediation is done over the telephone, opening up the mediation process to a wider group of separating couples.

Ugli’s website describes Inksters as a “dynamic law firm with a thriving family law department”. Gus Macaulay, Inksters’ experienced family law solicitor, believes that a non-confrontational approach to family law should be taken wherever possible and is more than happy to step in once the contentious issues have been agreed between the parties (though of course, should this approach fail, he has many years of Court experience and will robustly pursue or defend any action in Court). He can provide legal advice about the agreement that has been reached during the mediation process and, when the parties are ready, take care of the formalities of divorce. Ugli mediation is therefore an excellent ‘fit’ with Inksters and we look forward developing a close working relationship with the organisation.

Inksters can advise on all areas of Family Law Please contact Gus Macaulay on 0141 229 0880 or send Gus an e-mail.

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