QualitySolicitors Reports a Rise in Divorce Enquiries

25 January 2010

Divorce enquiries are on the rise and Inksters is busy providing advice to new and existing clients.

Inksters is the founding Scottish member of QualitySolicitors, an umbrella organisation of quality legal firms throughout the UK.

QualitySolicitors was in the news this weekend commenting on the recent rise in divorce enquiries. Complex economic factors have pushed the number of enquiries to a ten-year high over the first few weeks of 2010.

QualitySolicitors’ Craig Holt commented that many potential separations had been on hold, with people feeling they could not afford to separate. However, many people are now beginning the process of separation. As a result, enquiries to Quality Solicitors’ firms have risen by a third on this period last year.

Inksters’ family law solicitor, Gus Macaulay, commented that, "Whilst the beginning of the year is traditionally a very busy time in terms of enquiries about separation and divorce, we have noticed that we have been particularly busy this year. Inksters’ non-confrontational approach to family law aims to make the process as painless as possible with an emphasis on negotiation if possible. If negotiation is not possible, we take a robust position on behalf of our clients. We also provide advice to clients ‘in the background’ without the other party knowing we’ve been involved if that’s what clients prefer. Whatever approach we adopt with the clients, the process need not be prohibitively expensive".

Watch: Sky News report featuring QualitySolicitors’ Craig Holt.

For more information about Inksters’ approach to separation and divorce please see our Family Law pages or contact our Gus Macaulay on 0141 229 0880 or send Gus an e-mail.

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