Inksters staff attend October seminars

29 October 2010  

Throughout October, Inksters’ solicitor, Kathleen Simmonds, and trainee solicitor, Louise King, have been attending a number of seminars in areas of law that interest them.
Kathleen attended a seminar about claims under s.28 and s.29 of the Family Law Scotland Act 2006.These are claims that can be made by cohabitants when they split up or when one partner dies. Cohabitants are couples who live together but who are not married or in a civil partnership. It is a new and rapidly developing area of law and one which Inksters are increasing becoming involved in.
Louise attended a seminar with an Advocate specialising in family law in Scotland, Kirsty Malcolm. The seminar aimed to update practitioners about the very latest developments in case-law involving financial provision on divorce.
Keen to expand her knowledge on the law surrounding property transactions, Louise also attended a seminar entitled ‘Thorny Issues in Conveyancing’ which went through some very recent court cases which occurred after conveyancing transactions went wrong. In the current climate, more cases involving property disputes have been landing in Scotland's courts than when the economy was stronger and property prices were higher. An understanding of what can go wrong in the purchase or sale of property is important for any conveyancing solicitor as this knowledge makes us better equipped to protect our clients. That said, property owners do sometimes come across unavoidable legal problems such as disputes over parking, an area in which Inksters have led the way.
Whilst the new developments in the law brought on by these recent cases are very interesting to property lawyers, they were probably very expensive for the clients involved. The seminar therefore also looked at some alternative ways in which these disputes could have been sorted out. It looked at mediation and other types of dispute resolution which aim to come to a solution without the time, money and stress of a court case.
The seminars all took place at the Royal Faculty of Procurators library in Glasgow. As Investors in People, Inksters considers our staff to be our greatest asset and are very keen to encourage them to keep abreast of the latest legal developments in their chosen practice areas.
If any of the issues raised in this article affect you and you wish some advice, you can contact Inksters on 0141 229 0880. If you are seeking advice on buying or selling a property, you may wish to e-mail Louise. If you have any queries about cohabitation claims you can e-mail Kathleen.


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