Family Law Scotland

Some of the areas in which Inksters' experienced family law team can help you with family law issues in Scotland:-

  • General Information
    Family Law Scotland - General Information

    Family law problems are amongst the toughest most of us will have to face.

  • Divorce

    You might be surprised how simple divorce can be once financial and child-related issues are dealt with.

  • Child Law
    Issues about Children

    Inksters can advise on all areas of child law including disputes about who children should live with and whether they should have contact with the parent who doesn't live with them.

  • Financial Claims and Separation Agreements
    Financial Claims and Separation Agreements

    Sorting out the finances amicably and by way of a written agreement could save you the time, money and stress of a court case.

  • Civil Partnerships
    Civil Partnerships

    The terms used may be slightly different, but the legal framework that applies to same-sex couples who are in a civil partnership is very similar to the one which applies to married couples.

  • Breakdown of Cohabitating Relationships
    Breakdown of Cohabiting Relationships

    The law has changed recently and Inksters can advise you on financial claims which may be able to be made at the breakdown of a cohabiting relationship.

  • Domestic Violence
    Domestic Violence

    Domestic abuse should never happen but research shows it to be all too common. There are many organisations trying to help, however, and the law offers some remedies which may be useful.

  • Legal Aid
    Legal Aid

    Some useful information about finding a legal aid solicitor.

  • Family Law Resources
    Family Law Resources

    Downloadable resources and forms about Family Law.