Family Law Resources

If you are involved in a Family law dispute, or are simply interested in the procedure involved, these downloadable resources are a great place to start. Information Sheets on Divorce, Matrimonial Property and Aliment will introduce you to the relevant area of law and the timescales and procedure you can expect.

There is lots of information which we need from you right at the start of your dispute when you first contact us, particularly in terms of the finances of your marriage. The downloadable forms set out the types of issues and questions that Inksters will ask you when you first contact us. Once you have contacted us and we have confirmed whether we can take your case, it is really useful for you to have a look at the forms. Having this information at an early stage will allow us to initiate your claim more quickly, potentially saving you time and money.

If you download the information sheets as a PDF file, you will find the relative forms at the back or, if you prefer, you can download the forms separately as a Word document which you may find easier to fill in. If you want to use the forms to tell us about your dispute, you can print them off and post or fax them to us, or  send us an e-mail.

Download the Information Sheets:

Seeking a Divorce - PDF (44.7KB)

The Division of Matrimonial Property and Finances - PDF (91.5KB)

Seeking Financial Support or 'Aliment' - PDF (50.7KB)

Download the Forms:

Aliment Form - Word (73KB)

Matrimonial Property Form - Word (125KB)