Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence should never happen. If you experience it you should first make yourself and your children safe. Police take domestic violence very seriously and you should not hesitate to call 999 if you feel that someone is in danger. Telephone numbers which may be helpful are :-

Scottish Domestic Abuse Helpline (24 hours):  0800 027 1234
Women’s Aid (local group for Shetland):   (01595) 692 070

Once the immediate danger has been removed, the law provides a number of civil legal remedies you can use, including an application to the sheriff to grant an interdict. Interdicts are court orders which prevent someone from engaging in types of illegal or threatening behaviour. For example, an interdict might state that a person cannot come within a certain distance of your home. In certain circumstances, it is possible to apply for an exclusion order which would allow you to stay in your home and exclude your partner, even where it is in their name.  Matrimonial interdicts can even come with a power of arrest. This would mean that if the abusive partner broke the interdict’s terms, for example by going to the family home if this was banned as part of the interdict, the police would be able to arrest them.

Inksters can help you in applying for these orders and Legal Aid may well be available. In our initial telephone interview we can discuss the best way for us to correspond with you. For example, we can write to you at someone else’s address or by e-mail. We will not call or write to you unless you have told us it is safe to do so.