Joanne Romanis

Joanne RomanisJoanne is  a solicitor and Notary Public. Accredited by the Law Society of Scotland as a Specialist in Family Law, specialising in high net worth / complex finance and difficult divorce and cohabitation cases, in various Sheriff Courts, Scotland-wide, and  also instructing Counsel in Court of Session cases.
Joanne was born in England, and brought up in the South Pacific Island Republic of Vanuatu, educated in the French Secondary School, and is a French speaker. Joanne graduated in Law, LLB (Hons), University of Dundee, 1985, and since then, gained her Diploma in Legal practice and trained in Dundee, and, latterly, has worked in the Provinces (Forfar) from 1992 onwards.

Alongside her husband, Professor Peter Mossey, Joanne is a breeder of rare, native breeds Soay sheep – one of the oldest primitive sheep breeds in  the world, the Soays having a habitat on St Kilda in the western isles of Scotland.

Joanne and her husband regularly show at rare breeds events throughout Scotland, bringing home prizes, latest of which in Smallholders’ Annual rare breeds Scotland event in 2022, and they support and are regular competitors in Smallholders events in Scotland. They sell their Soays UK wide, including to the Scottish Islands. They are active members and supporters of Rare Breeds Survival Trust, and rare and native sheep breed societies.

Joanne and her husband divide their leisure time enjoying their Soay sheep flock, and also a small flock of Hebrideans, and their hens and cats on their Smallholding in Perthshire, and running and keeping vintage vehicles on the farm.

Contact Joanne Romanis on 01307 497 008 or send Joanne an e-mail.