Dispute Resolution Scotland

For many, the word ‘lawyer’ conjures up images of gowns, wigs, and bitter court battles. However, whilst court work forms a small part of our job, the vast majority of Inksters’ clients will be lucky enough never to see the inside of a court room. A solicitor’s role is to secure the best possible result for their client but when disputes arise, the disputants must often continue to have some sort of relationship, such as a business relationship or one as co-parents. In this situation the ‘best possible result’ may be one in which the parties can continue to communicate and work together once everything is resolved. We believe that this is generally better achieved by methods of dispute resolution other than the courts.

If you are involved in a dispute, we will seek to use our many years of experience to resolve it through correspondence and negotiation and will refer you to other services such as mediation where appropriate. There are, of course,  situations where court actions are unavoidable but, where possible, it is likely to be cheaper and less stressful if a solution can be reached that everyone is prepared to accept.