1 May 2017

Inksters is eighteen today.

We opened for business on 1 May 1999. A lot has happened since then: which you can catch up on at Inksters History.

If we were an 18 year old person we could now, in Scotland, legally:-

  • Vote in an election for a local MP (UK Parliament) and MEP (European Parliament).
  • Stand for election as a local councillor, MP (UK Parliament) or MSP (Scottish Parliament).
  • Earn the National Minimum Wage rate for 18-21 year olds.
  • Become liable to register and pay the Council Tax.
  • Serve as a juror.
  • Buy alcohol in licensed premises and consume alcohol in a bar.
  • Buy cigarettes & tobacco.
  • See any film/hire any video.
  • Buy or possess fireworks.
  • Place a bet.
  • Hold a credit card.
  • Work behind a bar.
  • Be tattooed.
  • Hire or buy a sunbed.
  • Be licensed to serve alcohol.
  • Hold a basic commercial pilot’s licence.
  • Hold a licence to drive a medium-sized goods vehicle.

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