It is well known that mortgages are different to normal loans; they are ‘secure’ loans in that the money you borrow is guaranteed by a security over your house. This security is created by a special document which is registered against your property and means that, if for some reason you could no longer pay your debts and became sequestrated (bankrupt), the bank would not have to compete with all the other people you owed money to, and could simply take the money they are owed back by selling your home. Because the bank’s right is in the property as well as against you, it would still exist even if you somehow managed to sell your property, meaning that they could get their money back even against a new owner. Mortgages are a very safe way of lending money, therefore, which is why interest rates tend to be lower than personal loans.

Inksters are on the conveyancing panel for every Scottish mortgage-lender and most English ones which means that we can almost certainly assist you with arranging the security, whether you are purchasing a property or remortgaging. We will draw up the document and arrange for it to be registered, ensuring that the bank is happy to release your money. When the mortgage has been paid, we can similarly look after the security’s discharge.

If you are buying a property with us, the cost of this will be included in the quote we give you for performing the conveyance.