Forward Thinking Law Conference

12 June 2015

Inksters recently held our annual Forward Thinking Law Conference. This was the third year in a row we have done so.

It is a full day away from our offices where Team Inksters can reflect on the past year and look forward to developments at Inksters over the forthcoming one.

Brian Inkster gave his annual 'Moving Forward' talk.

Team members from our satellite offices in Inverness, Wick and Portree reported on developments there.

Guest speakers addressed us on Profitability, Cash Flow, Service, Title Indemnity Insurance and Auto Enrolment.

Team Inksters worked in groups and together as a whole on Inksters' values.

Al Pacino gave a keknote address (well we watched a YouTube clip of him doing so!).

Awards were handed out recognising those individuals who have performed particularly well over the past year.

The day ended with a Pinkster Gin Reception and Fondue night.

Team Inksters Fondue Night

At Inksters we consider it essential for our team to step away from the day to day work routine from time to time and focus on what we can be doing to better the firm for the benefit of our clients.

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