1 May 2019

Inksters is twenty today.

We opened for business on 1 May 1999. A lot has happened since then: which you can catch up on at Inksters History.

In the past year alone we have opened three new offices in Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Thurso.

We have also in the past year added 12 new members to team Inksters:-

Charlotte Platt, Danny Cummins, David Flint, Diane Ireland, Jackie Harris, JacQui Lochhead, Pauline Gill, Rory Cradock, Saimah Ali, Steven McDonald, Susan Muir and Zoe Watson.

As we enter our twenty first year we are as excited about what the next year has in store as we were twenty years ago. We continue to grow and enhance our business. Keep an eye on Inksters News as things develop.

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