Law in the Cloud

7 September 2011

Inksters have moved all IT systems into 'the cloud'. Inksters selected the Denovo Intelligent Cloud Software as a Service (SaaS) solution whereby their Legal Intelligence system is now hosted in Denovo's partner data centres, offering unrivalled security, resilience, reliability and 24x7x365 access, and where backups are performed and maintained on separate data centres which offer unparalleled security, encryption, and disaster recovery options.

Brian Inkster said "the move to 'the cloud' is a natural progression for Inksters. As more and more services we all use on a day to day basis rely on cloud computing it appeared to us to be sensible, when upgrading our IT systems, to move to 'the cloud' as part of that process. With a new office in Inverness and solicitors often working remotely from Shetland we now have the best possible infrastructure to enable all our solicitors to have easy access to their case work wherever they may be and whatever device they may be using. I can see real potential for this system enhancing the services we provide to our clients throughout Scotland."

Inksters are well known for being forerunners in the use of legal technology. Inksters were, several years ago, the first law firm in Scotland to have a cloud based digital dictation system.

Visit the Denovo Business Intelligence website for more information on Intelligent Cloud.

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