Playing Battleships with Inside Knowledge

1 June 2011

Brian Inkster has explained to Inside Knowledge how Inksters have embraced Twitter as a communications and knowledge sharing tool in an article published today under the headline 'Playing Battleships'.

Brian told Inside Knowledge that Jon Bloor coined the term ‘tweeting in convoy’, which is how Brian sees Inksters using Twitter. Brian explained that "the main law firm account is the ‘battleship’, but alongside that you need to some nifty ‘destroyers’ to engage people. These individual twitter accounts, your solicitors, make up the convoy. People start to realise that they are a part of the same firm, but it will only work if the battleship is functioning properly and tweeting regularly."

Read the whole article: Inside Knowledge: Playing Battleships

If you would prefer to play Battleships (the game ) then here is an advert for that:-

Engage with Inksters on Twitter at:-

The Battleship


The Aircraft Carriers






The Destroyers







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