Brian Inkster Twitterviewed in 22 Tweets

12 August 2009

Yesterday evening Brian Inkster was twitterviewed on Twitter from the USA by Lance Godard of 22 Tweets.

Lance Godard conducts real-time Twitter interviews with practicing lawyers who tweet. There are 22 questions and answers each no longer than 140 characters. It is "the hottest new mash-up on Twitter": a forum where lawyers tell their stories, one tweet at a time.

Brian's twitterview was the 35th one that Lance has conducted and only the third one outwith the USA. It was the first Scottish twitterview at 22 Tweets.

The twitterview was scheduled to start at 8pm BST (3pm EST) but Twitter went down a couple of minutes before that. Fortunately it was not a big outage and Twitter was up and running 20 minutes later allowing Lance to tweet his first question: "Thank you for joining us today on Twitter. Tell us: who is @BrianInkster?". To which Brian tweeted back "Thanks for inviting me. The 7th child of a Shetland fisherman, a solicitor, businessman and husband to Nicola of @pagepark".

The twittering continued for a couple of hours or more until the 22nd tweet was accomplished. It covered Inksters, issues affecting clients and the legal profession, marketing, Web 2.0 tools, the future of law, life other than the law and advice to other lawyers and law students.

If you missed the live twitterview you can catch up on all 22 Tweets at