Law Firm Website Review

18 May 2009

In the May edition of the Journal of the Law Society of Scotland Iain Nisbet reviews two law firm websites, one being

Iain Nisbet states in his review:-

"Inksters market themselves as “Just that little bit different”, and that’s probably fair comment if the website is anything to go by. Inksters TV and Inksters FM are not yet available on Freeview or DAB Radio, but on the website you can get interesting legal insights in video or audio clips. You can pay your legal fees to Inksters online using a credit card – which is very useful, I dare say."

And then goes on:-

"But aside from having an excellent website, there is one main reason that the online community is very excited about this firm in particular: Inksters are twittering.

If you are reading the web review then I will assume that you already know what Twitter is. If not, “micro-blogging” may not mean that much to you either. You can find out more by visiting or What you may not know is that Inksters is (was?) the first Scottish law firm to get in on the act. And what, exactly, do they tweet? Well, there are three streams – one being a general firm channel, one for Scottish (residential) property and a third for property on Shetland (which is the most popular, with 74 followers at the time of writing). I’m inclined to think that this is more than just a cute piece of marketing – for 74 followers to be instantly updated when new property comes on the market, or goes under offer, or is transferred to a fixed price, has to offer a competitive advantage over other firms. And that information being delivered direct to potential purchasers at home, work or on the move ensures that potential bidders don’t miss out because they didn’t pick up their phone messages on time.

Impressive, most impressive."

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