Web Review of QualitySolicitors.com

15 June 2009

Last month in the Journal of the Law Society of Scotland Iain Nisbet reviewed inksters.com. This month he checks out some of the main law firm listing sites including QualitySolicitors.com.

As part of his research Iain Nisbet made a fictitious enquiry online late one evening. The following morning the Quality Solicitors Organisation passed the details onto Inksters. We immediately responded by telephoning Iain Nisbet to discuss his 'case'. In the review Iain Nisbet recounts his experience of this:-

"On completing the enquiry form with my fictional case late one night, I received a telephone call the very next morning from what I understand is the only Scottish firm currently signed up to the system. And very pleasant they were too, even when I was forced to confess that I wasn’t actually looking for a solicitor at all."

Inksters are the Founding Scottish member of QualitySolicitors.com

Read the full article at JLSS: Web review - We've got a little list