Brian Inkster & Nicola Walls start building in Argentina

16 November 2009

Brian Inkster and his wife, Nicola Walls (an Architect with Page \ Park) are now in Argentina assisting with the renovation of homes for families living in poverty in Buenos Aires. Working for the charity Habitat for Humanity they will be working alongside other volunteers and with ‘stakeholder’ families who will live in the houses.

Brian and Nicola have also been fundraising for Habitat for Humanity. The cost of the trip to Argentina has already been met by Inksters. Therefore, every penny that is raised by Brian and Nicola goes straight to Habitat for Humanity to directly assist the project.

In just a few weeks they have raised well over the initial target that they set themselves of £5,000. Brian said “we have been overwhelmed with the interest and generosity we have received in this Global Village Challenge. My clients and our business contacts have been very supportive in helping us reach and surpass our fundraising target.”

They also have the support of a number of corporate sponsors. In addition to Inksters and Page \ Park these are: Innovation Digital, The Trial Warrior Blog, Harley Haddow, Theatreplan, Silverman Sherliker, Valentilaw, Barr Brady, Océ and Jeffrey Aitken.

Brian and Nicola will be using modern communication technology by blogging and tweeting to let everyone know how they are getting on during the Challenge in Argentina. You can follow them at Inksters Give Blog and make a donation to Habitat for Humanity via