The Firm: Twitcam interview on Social Media

8 September 2009

Tomorrow, Wednesday 9 September 2009, at 1pm (BST) or 8am (EST) Steven Raeburn of The Firm Magazine will interview Brian Inkster live on Twitcam about the use by solicitors of Social Media sites on the internet such as Twitter, Linkedin etc.

To tune into the live broadcast you should follow at or just before 1pm (BST) or 8am (EST). Watch out for a tweet from The Firm Online containing a link to the relative Twitcam page. Click on that link and you should be taken to the Twitcam page where the live broadcast will take place.

Beware that sometimes Twitcam fails to stream images live especially at times of peak internet usage. Do not be surprised therefore if you get sound but no or broken images. We are hopeful however that the technology will work without problem and as it should.

If you have a Twitter Account you will be able to log in via Twitcam and chat live during the broadcast. by posting comments and/or questions to Steven and Brian. We are keen to see this facility being utilised to enhance the experience for Twitter users.

Don't worry if you are not able to tune in for the live broadcast as a recorded version of the video will be available via the same link at to watch at your leisure anytime after the live broadcast ends. We also hope to be able to put the video or at least a link to it up as a News item on tomorrow.

So if you can please tune into the live broadcast on Wednesday, 9 September 2009, at 1pm (BST) or 8am (EST) via

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