Inksters News 2011

 Inksters News from 2011:-

  • Law in the Cloud
    Law in the Cloud

    7 September 2011: Inksters have moved all IT systems into 'the cloud' via the Denovo Intelligent Cloud Software as a Service (SaaS) solution.

  • Croft House
    Crofting Law Conference 2011

    18 August 2011: Brian Inkster as Hon. Secretary of the Crofting Law Group has been organising, with the WS Society, this year's Crofting Law Conference.

  • Louise King
    Trainee Solicitor of the Year Nominee

    28 July 2011: Louise King has been nominated for the Trainee Solicitor of the Year Award at the Law Awards of Scotland 2011.

  • Scottish Young Lawyers Association (SYLA)
    Scottish Young Lawyers Association Conference

    24 June 2011: Brian Inkster was speaking today at the Scottish Young Lawyers Association Annual Conference on New technology, social media and the law: how to develop, and not destroy, your career.

  • Kathleen Video Link
    Inksters continues to innovate in the use of I.T.

    14 June 2011: Inksters continues to be a leader and innovator in the use of IT. Kathleen Simmonds conducted her first court hearing by video conference.

  • Inside Knowledge
    Playing Battleships with Inside Knowledge

    1 June 2011: Brian Inkster has explained to Inside Knowledge how Inksters has embraced Twitter as a communications and knowledge sharing tool in an article published today under the headline 'Playing Battleships'.

  • Eilidh Ross
    Eilidh Ross joins Inksters in Inverness

    17 May 2011: Crofting specialist Eilidh Ross has joined Inksters in Inverness, bringing with her a body of experience gained from working in the field of crofting law for the past five years.

  • Living Below the Line
    Living Below the Line

    13 May 2011: Staff at Inksters have been living below the line in May. Living for 5 days on just £1 per day on food to raise awareness of extreme poverty.

  • 12

    1 May 2011: Inksters is Twelve today. A lot will be happening at Inksters at the start of our new year. Keep an eye on Inksters News and Inksters Tweets over the next few weeks for some very exciting developments.

  • Royal Faculty of Procurators in Glasgow
    Purchasing a repossessed property in the wake of RBS v. Wilson

    22 April 2011: Inksters trainee Louise King attended a seminar last night about the fallout from RBS v. Wilson, a hugely important case involving repossession.

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