Scottish Standard Clauses (Edition 1)

09 February 2015

Following the introduction of the Land Registration etc. (Scotland) Act 2012 on 8 December, it became necessary to update the Standard Clauses used by Solicitors across Scotland as the basis of conveyancing contracts. For the first time there is a single set of Standard Clauses across the whole of Scotland. The Scottish Standard Clauses (Edition 1) replaces the various regional standard clauses that had existed previously.

The standard clauses have been developed to reflect the position that most closely matches the final position agreed in conveyancing transactions. Historically, the process would have involved the issuing of an offer (amounting to no more than the purchaser’s wish list) followed by a number of ‘Qualified Acceptances’ before a contract was concluded. The Standard Clauses substantially reduces the number of exchanges that happen between the parties’ solicitors before a contract is concluded. As a result, the process becomes simpler and quicker.

At Inksters we have adopted the new Scottish Standard Clauses which will benefit our clients by ensuring that wherever in Scotland a transaction is taking place we can provide an efficient and effective service.

Download the Inksters Scottish Standard Clauses (Edition 1) Client Guide [PDF]

If you are looking to purchase or sell a property our team of experienced Solicitors can advise you in all aspects of your transaction and are more than happy to provide a quote.

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