Inksters News 2009

Inksters News from 2009:-

  • Shetland CLAN House Appeal
    CLAN House Appeal Prize Donation

    28 February 2009: Inksters are very pleased to be supporting the CLAN 123 Campaign by donating a prize for the raffle at the Shetland CLAN House Appeal corporate dinner being held in Lerwick tonight.

  • University of Strathclyde - Law School
    Crofting Law Lecture at University of Strathclyde

    23 February 2009: Brian Inkster today gave a lecture on Resumption, Decrofting and Schemes for Development to the LLB Property Law Class at the University of Strathclyde as part of a series of Crofting Law lectures.

  • The Daily Telegraph
    Inksters feature in The Daily Telegraph

    17 February 2009: The Masterclass Film on Inksters featured today in the 'Whats new for club members this week' column of the Business Club section of The Daily Telegraph.

  • Telegraph Business Club
    Masterclass film on Inksters

    16 February 2009: A film on Inksters Solicitors made by the Telegraph Business Club as a Masterclass for their 'Secrets of Success' series was released today.

  • Lecture on Servitudes and Moncrieff v Jamieson
    Lecture on Servitudes to University of Strathclyde

    16 February 2009: Brian Inkster today gave a lecture on the Law of Servitudes to the full time LLB Property Law class at the Law School of the University of Strathclyde.

  • Twitter
    Inksters are Twittering

    11 February 2009: Inksters began microblogging today by twittering at We believe that we may well be the first law firm in Scotland to twitter.

  • Parking Law features in new Property Law book

    3 February 2009: features in the new book on Property, Trusts and Succession by George L Gretton & Andrew J M Steven (published January 2009).

  • The 2009 Legal Awards
    Support Team of the Year Nomination

    26 January 2009: It was announced today that the team behind our new websites have been nominated for the Support Team of the Year Award at The 2009 Legal Awards.

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